Plasma Pen

What Plasma Pen Does?

As we age, our dermal layer thins, less collagen is produced & these changes in the scaffolding of our skin cause it to wrinkle and sag and lose laxity & texture.

The plasma pen encourages skin tightening using a continuous, direct energy source; we ionize nitrogen & oxygen in the air to create a plasma gas. During the procedure, a tiny plasma flash is discharged from the plasma pen handpiece's tip. Results are often utterly dramatic from day one, and your treated area may look healed entirely from the outside very quickly. It takes several weeks and sometimes months to see and fully appreciate all the results that the first treatment achieved.

Plasma Pen USA

Its Advantages

Plasma pen delivers a brighter, more contoured youthful appearance with minimal downtime. The treatment results are virtually immediate and incredibly long-lasting without the need for fillers or surgical correction.

Is It Safe & Does It Hurt?

Local anesthetic cream is applied for 20 minutes before the procedure to minimize any discomfort, and the procedure is then virtually painless. For other areas, local anesthetic cream or injections may be used to provide numbness. The treatment may feel warm in places, and there may be a tingling or burning sensation afterward for a short duration.

Approved & Certified

Plasma technology has been used worldwide for over 25 years medically & clinically with no significant adverse effects.

Louise Walsh designed the plasma pen has gained full accreditation & approval. It is CE compliant, FDA approval & has a universal license. This magic wand has been proven to be safe worldwide.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Following plasma treatment, tiny dark brown/black spots will appear, or there may be an appearance more typical of a mild burn within the treatment area(s). Swelling is common and often lasts 48-72 hours, and can be quite significant around the eyes. The area will often be red and warm immediately after the procedure and tender for 72 hours. Patients may experience a tingling or burning sensation.


Crusting or scab will develop, and it is important to keep this clean, dry, and protected. Sometimes the area can be sloughy. It is important not to mess with the treatment area for at least 5-7 days post-procedure to allow the body to heal and finish the treatment maximizing the effects furthermore.

What Can I Expect After Treatment?

Your specialist will be able to tell you exactly what results you will achieve and collate a bespoke treatment plan just for you. This can be achieved within a 30-minute time frame, and you can book a consultation free of charge.

General Treatment Information

Final results depend on the severity of skin laxity or size of the lesion, the desired result, the skin's general condition, and any pre-existing skin or medical problems. In severe cases, up to three treatments can be administered with an 8-12 week gap between visits.


Reduction in skin folds and creases appear immediately. Tiny dark brown spots appear where individual shots have been fired, or a larger burn-like appearance may be seen where an area has been 'sprayed' with plasma.

The tiny dark brown spots flake off over the following days (up to 1 week), and burns will heal within a similar period. Swelling is common and can be quite pronounced around the eyes, often worse the following morning and lasting for up to 72 hours. The area may be tender as it is healing and may scab over or become a little sloughy.

It is important to allow any spots or scabs to fall off naturally; otherwise, scarring or infection may occur. The treated skin is sublimated, the results often last years or are permanent.


Areas That Can Be Treated

  • Upper and lower eyelids
  • Forehead lines
  • Necklines
  • Stretch marks
  • Loose skin
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Jowls/jawline
  • Crow's feet
  • Tear troughs
  • Ear lobes and much more