Eflora Hair Inhibitor Cream

“Eflora is the generic, over the counter version of the previous expensive prescription Vaniqa. Production of Vaniqa has stopped, and I was thrilled to find a source for the generic Eflora. Eflora is very effective, and unlike with LASER hair removal, it is effective on light colored hairs. I think it works better than LASER for that pesky unwanted facial hair!”

— Stefanie McCain, MD

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How Eflora Hair Inhibitor Cream Works

Eflornithane affects an enzyme in the hair follicle responsible for part of the growth cycle, therefore drastically and effectively reducing the rate of growth. Eflora is not a hair remover, but slows down the rate of growth. Typically takes 3-4 weeks to notice a change in growth rate. If you stop the Eflora, the growth rate will return back to what it was previously. Eflora works in conjunction with your typical method of hair removal whether it be plucking, waxing or shaving. Consistent use will offer the best results.


How to Apply Eflora Hair Inhibitor Cream

A small amount of Eflora is to be applied to the affected areas of the face twice daily. Allow the cream to absorb prior to applying your moisturizer, allow 5-10 minutes.

How to Store Eflora Hair Inhibitor Cream

Eflora may be stored at room temperature. Keep Eflora away from any heat source.