Hair Restoration-Men

Male Pattern Baldness

Do you find yourself…..

  • Seeing your hairline or temples recede slightly?

  • Noticing more scalp shining through than normal?

  • Seeing more hair than usual in the drain?

  • Having to style your hair differently because of changes to your hair?

  • Finding a lot of hair on your pillow?

For many of our patients—and, tens of millions of men—these signs are typically the first indicators of hair loss. It may surprise you to learn how frequently we also hear patients tell us, “I woke up one day with less hair,” “It just happened suddenly,” or “I saw myself with hair loss in a photo or video and I was shocked!”

In other cases, patients may observe a slow, but progressive thinning or receding of the hairline.  Initially, they may want to believe that the loss is not significant. Then, seemingly “overnight,” the amount of hair lost is too obvious to deny anymore.  For others, initial changes in their hair volume and density are actually so gradual, that they may only be detectable with the help of a scalp microscope like a HairCam or a scientific tool like a HairCheck trichometer that measures hair quantity and quality.  For these patients, their hair loss appears to be quite sudden because it does not become noticeable to the eye until the hair density dips below a definite threshold. [Science tells us that you can lose up to 50% of your hair in a given area without it being noticeable by the naked eye!]  For other patients, it might have been a photo, video or mirror that showed the results of a progressive hair loss that they didn’t realize was occurring.

Available Treatment Options:

Platelet Rich Plasma

Oral DHT Blockers

Prescription Hair Support

Natural Hair Growth Tips

Did you know?

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