For Men

Male hormones regulate

bodily functions and processes

in men, and when these

hormones are imbalanced,

it can have serious effects

on the body. Learn more

about the symptoms of

hormone imbalance in

men below.

BioTe Testosterone Therapy for Men

Why bio-identical hormone pellet therapy for men?
Hormonal needs for men have received national attention, but with marginal treatment options available. Hormonal treatments for men can be expensive, require daily consumption, and, in many cases, need to be carefully timed with their partner's needs for normal sexual activities and pleasure.

Bio-identical hormone pellet therapy is the only method of testosterone therapy that gives sustained and consistent testosterone levels throughout the day for four to six months without any "roller coaster" blood levels of testosterone, which can result in mood and energy fluctuations for the patient.

What are the symptoms of testosterone deficiency in men?
Symptoms of testosterone deficiency in men include:

  • fatigue
  • lack of mental acuity
  • loss of libido
  • difficulty achieving or sustaining an erection
What to expect during the P Shot procedure?

During the P-Shot® procedure, the doctor or nurse begins by applying a numbing cream to the penis. Blood is then drawn from the arm in the same way as a traditional blood test.

Using a special centrifuge and method, the growth factors are extracted from your blood and concentrated into the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

Once the PRP is centrifuged using a very thin needle, the growth and healing factors are then injected into very specific areas of the penis that are most important for sexual response. Because this area has been numbed with the anesthetic cream, the patient feels little to no pain.

Does the P Shot work?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) contains many growth factors and healing properties that stimulate stem cells to regenerate tissue and increase blood flow. The resulting benefits include increased growth of new blood vessels and increased circulation in the penis. Other benefits include stronger erections, increased sensation, and pleasure and enhanced sexual performance. Some men have even reported changes in the girth and length of the penis.

How long does the P Shot last?

Many of the procedure's benefits have been experienced immediately following the procedure. The effects of the P-Shot® continue to improve for up to 3 months and may last anywhere from 12-18 months.

Strawberry Laser Lipo

Strawberry Laser Lipo

The Gold Standard in fast, pain-free inch loss and fat reduction.

  • No Pain
  • No Bruising
  • No Recovery Time
  • No Surgery
How Does Lila's Strawberry Laser Work?

The advanced body contouring device directly targets the adipocyte fat cells. Stimulating the cells opens their pores to release the fat stored inside. The fat cells then shrink in size. The excess is then removed safely by the body's natural metabolic process.

How Many Visits Does It Take?

A course of eight treatments is usually recommended. Depending on the results required and body areas to be treated, the number of treatments may vary by each individual.

What's a Visit Like?

A treatment specialist will measure you then guide you to relax on the treatment table. Painless laser paddles will be placed on each treatment area for approximately ten minutes. Paddles are then removed. Following the treatment, ten minutes on our Whole-Body Vibration Unit will assist in draining the recently released fat from your interstitial area. Post-treatment measurement will show the accomplishments achieved. After that, you are free to return to normal daily activity!

What Results Can I Expect from a Laser Lipo procedure?

Almost everyone shows a measurable loss with each treatment. Cumulative treatments are noticeable and impressive. Exercise and proper nutrition will help increase results.

Example Results

Slim Shot

The Slim Shot (skinny shot) is the first step and foundation to natural weight loss and increased energy. The Slim Shot is a special formula of liver-supporting nutrients that can help with energy, fat metabolism, and hormone balance, which are all key liver functions.

It is a perfect augmentation for a patient seeking fat-burning/energy on a weight loss program.

How many slim shots do you recommend?

Most patients get 1-2 per week for the first few weeks to help re-establish normal hormone levels and help fight high stress.

How will skinny shots help me?

Often people feel increased energy immediately after the shot; sometimes, they feel better over time. It is a stress fighter and supports key functions of the liver that sometimes require large amounts of nutrients that can be severely depleted after years of stress and diet faults.

What is IN the Slim Shot?

It is filled with a liquid version of liver-specific nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins, including B-1, B-6, B12, supercharged hydroxocobalamin, adenosine monophosphate (AMP), methionine, choline, and inositol. These "fat-burning" lipotropic agents are substances that facilitate the breakdown and metabolism of fats.

Are they natural ingredients?

Yes, they are natural ingredients of the highest quality and are made by a pharmacy.

Will they work with my weight loss program?

We believe Slim Shots can help make any weight loss program more effective. We feel that liver nutrient support is a key missing component to most weight loss programs. Is there an oral form? No. Slim Shots are in an injectable form to reduce the loss of potency in the digestive process.

How much do Slim Shots cost?

Slim shots / skinny shots cost $40.00 per injection

Massage Therapy

We offer a variety of massage therapy services for men as well. We'll be updating our listed services soon

If you are interested in any of the listed services, please call us at (325) 646-4800 to get started